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Xynapx mission is to create a digital environment by leveraging cutting-edge technology to connect a disjointed medical practice industry and, ultimately, to improve the medical practice experience for patients, medical practitioners and providers and healthcare professionals. We're disrupting the status quo and giving medical practice a sleek, easy-to-use software solutions to increase profitability and productivity.

Portable Record Access

Cloud based technology allows you to access all your patient data anytime, anywhere.

Painless Document Management

Upload, review, and generate medical documents without the hassle of digging through dusty file cabinets.

User-friendly Application

A straightforward user interface and user experience work hand in hand to give medical practitioners a familiar and satisfying work process.

Cloud Based Data Storage

Worry no more about losing or misplacing valuable patient data. Sleep easy knowing that your data is safe and secure on CloudMD.

Customizable Practice And Business Reports

Easily track your practice's growth and make critical business decisions with the help of our comprehensive reports system.

Tailor-fitted For Your Practice

The CloudMD team learns your workflow and customize the software to cater to your needs.

Security - HIPAA Complaint

CloudMD was developed in strict compliance to the technical safeguards mandated by HIPAA of the United States.

Easy On The Pocket

CloudMD ensures an affordable monthly subscriptions for starting and long-standing practitioners alike.

About Us

CloudMD is owned and operated by Xynapx Technologies Inc.The company is comprised of experts from across industries focusing on one goal: to revolutionize the medical practice industry. From top-notch UI/ UX specialist and software developers designing the deep functionality and elegant curves of our platform's user interface and experience, to first-rate billing experts who don't rest until every claim is paid, every Xynapx employee is committed to deliver excellence.

Having the best human resource pool, our team has an endless supply of energy to develop state of the art technology and lead the medical software revolution. We are bound to build strong technology and product, and to continue to innovate and create. Collaboration is crucial to CloudMD's success, so every team member contributes in a fun, fast-paced environment. We are open to partnering with companies in making CloudMD a success.
Xynapx executive leadership consists of experienced entrepreneurs and Medical IT experts whose visionary direction and unwavering dedication are helping to transform the medical industry. Our continued rapid growth is a testament to the certainty that our clients will experience everyday. We add real value to the medical practice industry through CloudMD EMR system coupled with a world-class service.


To Provide High Quality, User Friendly, Cloud-based Software Application which would become a Standard Software Tool in the Medical Practice Industry.


To Revolutionize the Medical Practice Industry and be most admired for its people, innovation and performance. We will earn our customers' enthusiasm through continuous improvement driven by the integrity, teamwork, and innovation of our people.


"CloudMD has tremendously streamlined my medical practice. It not only places all elements of a traditional paper medical chart at my fingertips but also helps me make sound business decisions to grow the diagnostic laboratory and clinic through generation of statistical and financial reports. Training and implementation were surprisingly straightforward. Their support staff is highly capable and responsive. I have seen other softwares out there and I can confidently say that CloudMD is the EMR that best understands the processes of the local healthcare industry."

Randolph M. Libres, CFRM, MAEM, ME, MD Physician and Administrator
Care and Cure Hub Diagnostic
Laboratory and Clinic (Ayala Center Cebu)

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